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Restorative Exercise™

Restorative ExerciseTM is a movement protocol based on the biomechanical model of the human body.

Our bodies are flexible, sensitive, lubricated pieces of machinery. Well, at least they have the potential to be. Unfortunately, the way we use our bodies does not encourage them to be flexible or resilient. Instead, we reinforce the same movement patterns over and over again, but then are surprised when we feel pain, or lose range of motion or the ability to do the things we used to do with ease.

Restorative ExerciseTM, which is based on physics, physiology, anatomy, and engineering, presents a type of owner's manual to the human machine. Using objective alignment markers, you will learn whether you are using your body "as designed," or whether you, through regular daily use, are creating unnecessary friction or pressure on joints, ligaments, organs, vertebrae, etc. that is contributing to muscle tightness, muscle weakness, inflammation, and even osteoporosis.

Learn exercises that can help you restore your muscles to their appropriate length and strength. Learn how to apply your new alignment to your daily movement, to prevent/minimize further degeneration and improve cellular regeneration, optimum blood flow, healthy nerve function, and lymph removal.

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